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Covenant Faith Study MP3 Download Edition

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The Transforming Power of Walking with God!
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Covenant Faith Study MP3 Download Edition

The Transforming Power of Walking with God!

Taught by Michael K. Lake, Th.D., Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and author of the best-seller, The Shinar Directive:  Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition.

The new downloadable version of our studies are perfect for both Christians on the go and for our friends overseas.  No waiting for shipments and no shipping fees!  Note:  Orders for download versions of our studies are processed by hand in our office.  Please allow 24 hours for the link to be emailed to you. 

In a time that it seems the Mystery of Iniquity is hold sway in both the world and the Church, it is time to discover the power of spiritual transformation that occurs when a man truly begins walking with God.  This sixteen-lesson study cover everything from understanding the process in which God brought Abram out of Babylon to become the man that was a friend of God to understanding how to walk in covenant faith in our day.


  • Lesson One:  Introduction and Foundational Issues - Part 1
  • Lesson Two:  Foundational Issues - Part 2
  • Lesson Three:  Foundational Issues of Faith
  • Lesson Four: The Transformation of Abram - Part 1
  • Lesson Five: The Transformation of Abram - Part 2
  • Lesson Six:  The Transformation of Abram - Part 3
  • Lesson Seven: The Transformation of Abram - Part 4
  • Lesson Eight: The Transformation of Abram - Part 5
  • Lesson Nine:  The Transformation of Abram - Part 6
  • Lesson Ten:  The Transformation of Abram - Part 7
  • Lesson Eleven:  The Faithful Intercessor
  • Lesson Twelve:  God's Covenant Man Opens the Door to Salvation
  • Lesson Thirteen:  Developing Covenant Faith - Part 1
  • Lesson Fourteen:  Developing Covenant Faith - Part 2
  • Lesson Fifteen:  The Boldness of Faith
  • Lesson Sixteen:  Faith is a Life of Making the Impossible Possible

 The study guide is a professionally designed PDF (8 1/2" x 11" & 81 pages in length and is accompanied by sixteen lectures in MP3 (each teaching is a minimum of 1 hour long).  

Perfect for personal spiritual development, for home fellowships, or church bible studies.  Those that go through this powerful study can also learn how three semester credit hours of college credit can be earned through Biblical Life College and Seminary.

Study Guide in downloadable PDF:  $10.00
Sixteen Lectures in downloadable MP3:  $80.00

Total Donation: $90.00

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